20 Claude Prompts For Content Creators

Building an audience is hard. Monetizing it without destroying your brand is harder.

Fortunately, we can use Claude to help us do both. In this article, I’ll share over 20 prompts you can copy and paste in Claude to grow and monetize your audience 10x faster.

What is Claude?

Claude is an AI chatbot (like ChatGPT) that was created by ex-OpenAI executives. Here are a few things you should know about it:

It’s free
It can accept multiple documents as prompts
Claude 2 is available in beta in the U.S. and U.K. both on the web and via a paid API (in limited access)
It has a superpower: Your prompts can be 70,000 words long (ChatGPT’s is around 500 words)

I want to use Claude to grow and monetize my audience…

When you start using Claude, you won’t be able to stop. In this article, we’ll give you 20 entry-level prompts to help you make and monetize content.

We’ll be covering prompts in relation to each of the following areas (so skip to the bit you’re most interested in):

Audience analysisContent strategySocial media and online community engagementCompetitor analysis and collaborationOutreach and relationshipsWebsite and digital optimizationMarketingCustomer retention and loyalty

Pro tip: Bookmark this page and come back to it anytime you want AI assistance to complete your to-do list.

1. Audience analysis

Identify your target audience

“Describe my ideal target audience for [product/service] in [specific niche]. Create a detailed profile that includes demographics, interests, pain points, and behaviors.”

2. Content strategy

Build a content marketing plan

“For my [product/service] in [specific niche], outline a content marketing plan that leverages [platforms/mediums].”

Develop a video marketing strategy

“Outline a comprehensive video marketing strategy for [product/service] on [platform], including content, schedule, and promotional tactics.”

Leverage podcasting opportunities

“Outline a strategy for leveraging podcasting opportunities to promote my [product/service] in the [specific niche]. Include potential collaborations and content ideas.”

3. Social media and online community engagement

Engage with social media followers

“Develop a social media engagement strategy for [specific platform] to promote my [product/service] and build a community.”

Build and nurture an online community

“Create a strategy for building and nurturing an online community around [product/service] on [platform]. Include engagement tactics and community rules.”

4. Competitor analysis and collaboration

Analyze competitor strategies

“Research and analyze the strategies of [competitors] in the [specific niche]. Provide insights and opportunities for my [product/service].”

Collaborate with other brands

“[Insert details about your brand and niche]. Identify potential brand collaborations and outline a joint marketing strategy.”

5. Outreach and relationships

Create a community outreach strategy

“[Insert a description of your audience and niche]. Develop a community outreach strategy to foster relationships and trust.”

Use influencer partnerships

“[Insert a description of your product/service and target audience]. Identify potential influencer partnerships and outline a collaboration strategy.”

6. Website and digital optimization

Implement SEO

“Help me identify and implement the most effective SEO techniques for my [website/blog] about [specific niche or topic].”

Enhance user experience on your website

“Help me identify and implement the most effective SEO techniques for my [website/blog] about [specific niche or topic].”

Design attractive landing pages

“Help me design high-converting landing pages for [product/service] using proven design principles and psychological triggers.”

7. Marketing programs and campaigns

Design an affiliate marketing program

“[Insert details about your product/service]. Guide me through the creation of an affiliate marketing program to increase sales and reach.”

Optimize email marketing campaigns

“Provide a detailed plan for an email marketing campaign for [product/service] targeting [specific audience], including content, segmentation, and analytics.”

Launch a referral program

“Develop a referral program for my [product/service] that encourages customers to refer others. Include incentives, tracking, and promotion strategies.”

Craft compelling call to actions

“Guide me in crafting compelling calls to action for [specific campaign or product] that will drive engagement and conversions.”

Organize webinars and live events

“Create a step-by-step plan to organize and promote webinars or live events for [specific topic] to engage my audience and promote [product/service].”

8. Customer retention and loyalty

Develop a retention strategy

“Outline a retention strategy for my [product/service] to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.”

Create a membership or subscription model

“Guide me through developing a membership or subscription model for [product/service]. Include pricing, benefits, and promotional strategies.”

Implement a loyalty program

“Create a comprehensive loyalty program for my [product/service] that rewards repeat customers and encourages brand loyalty.”

I want to learn more about Claude and AI

As people increasingly incorporate tools like Claude and ChatGPT into their lives, it becomes more and more important that we learn how to use these tools to stay competitive in life and business.

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