25+ ChatGPT Prompts to Generate More Leads (and Make More Sales)

The more leads you have, the more sales you will make. It’s really as simple as that. If you want to grow your business, make it your mission to find more leads at all costs.

In most cases, finding and nurturing leads is a numbers game, so it takes an ungodly amount of hours.

Your competitors are beating you because they’re using AI tools to streamline their lead-generation process. You should do the same.

In this article, I’ll share 25+ prompts you can copy and paste into ChatGPT to make more leads than you know what to do with.

I want to use ChatGPT to get more leads…

When you start using ChatGPT, you won’t be able to stop. In this article, we’ll give you 25+ entry-level prompts to help you grow your business.

We’ll be covering prompts in relation to each of the following areas (so skip to the bit you’re most interested in):

Lead generation and nurturingContent strategyInteractive and engaging experiencesOutreach and networkingTechnology and optimizationCommunity and word of mouthPersonalization and custom experiencesTrust and authenticitySpecialized marketing tactics

1. Lead generation and nurturing

Crafting Multi-Stage Outreach Messages

Prompt: “Design Multi-Stage Outreach Messages that cater to the diverse needs and stages of leads in [your industry]. Outline content, sequencing, channels, personalization, and how it will resonate with different lead types.”

Building a Lead Scoring Model

Prompt: “Create a Lead Scoring Model that suits the particular lead generation challenges of [your brand]. Outline the scoring criteria, thresholds, integration with CRM, and how it will prioritize and segment leads effectively.”

Email Prospecting Campaign

Prompt: “Launch an Email Prospecting Campaign targeting potential clients in [your industry]. Detail the segmentation, content, A/B testing, tracking, and follow-up methods to ensure cold leads are properly nurtured.”

Data-Driven Lead Nurturing

Prompt: “Implement a Data-Driven Lead Nurturing process that resonates with customers in [your industry]. Detail the data sources, automation workflows, content mapping, and how it will guide leads to conversion.”

2. Content Strategy

Developing a Content Hub

Prompt: “Create a centralized Content Hub tailored to the unique needs and questions of [your industry]. Detail the content types, SEO strategies, user engagement plans, and how it will attract and nurture leads.”

Video Marketing Strategy

Prompt: “Design an extensive Video Marketing Strategy to highlight the benefits and features of [your product/service]. Outline the video types, platforms, promotional methods, and how it will engage potential leads.”

Podcast Series to Engage

Prompt: “Develop a Podcast Series aimed at engaging [your target audience]. Plan content, guest speakers, promotional activities, and how this audio medium will resonate with the audience to generate quality leads.”

E-Book Series on Your Expertise

Prompt: “Create an E-Book Series focusing on [your area of expertise]. Detail the content, design, promotion, and how offering valuable insights will attract quality leads.”

If you’re serious about making an eBook, make sure you check out this article. It’s packed with detailed prompts that will help you write an eBook in record time.  

Infographic Campaign for Your Target Audience

Prompt: “Plan an Infographic Campaign that visually engages [your target audience]. Outline the themes, design, distribution channels, and how it will simplify complex ideas to attract potential leads.”

Content Syndication for Your Niche

Prompt: “Utilize Content Syndication to expand the reach of [your niche] content. Detail the syndication platforms, content types, agreements, and how it will reach new audiences to generate leads.”

3. Interactive & Engaging Experiences

Utilizing Webinars to Attract

Prompt: “Organize and host Webinars that focus on the pain points of [your target audience]. Outline the topics, speakers, promotion, and lead capturing mechanisms, turning cold prospects into engaged leads.”

Implementing Interactive Quizzes for Lead Qualification

Prompt: “Integrate Interactive Quizzes related to [your area of expertise] into your website. Detail quiz design, scoring, lead qualification criteria, and follow-up strategies to engage and capture interested prospects.”

Interactive Content Experiences for Your Audience

Prompt: “Design Interactive Content Experiences that engage [your target audience]. Detail interactive videos, quizzes, polls, and how these immersive content types will generate and qualify leads.”

4. Outreach & Networking

Cold Calling Strategy

Prompt: “Implement a Cold Calling Strategy to introduce [your product/service] to new markets. Plan the script, targeting criteria, objection handling, follow-up, and how it will convert cold contacts into potential leads.”

LinkedIn Networking

Prompt: “Utilize LinkedIn to network and engage with prospects specifically in [your business type]. Plan connection strategies, content sharing, group participation, and how it will generate warm leads.”

5. Technology & Optimization

Integrating a CRM System

Prompt: “Implement a CRM System tailored to the lead management needs of [your business type]. Detail lead capture, scoring, nurturing workflows, reporting, and how it will streamline lead-to-customer conversion.”

A/B Testing Outreach Messages

Prompt: “Conduct comprehensive A/B Testing on outreach messages for [your product/service]. Plan the variables, testing process, analysis, and how it will optimize message effectiveness for various lead segments.”

Landing Page Optimization

Prompt: “Conduct Landing Page Optimization to enhance conversions for [your product/service]. Plan the A/B testing, content revisions, CTA placement, and how it will convert more visitors into leads.”

6. Community & Word of Mouth

Community Outreach Events for Your Business

Prompt: “Organize Community Outreach Events that align with [your business values]. Plan the themes, activities, local partnerships, and how these community-focused events will generate leads.”

Creating a Referral Program

Prompt: “Build a Referral Program that leverages the networks of [your existing customers]. Outline the rewards, tracking methods, promotion, and how it will turn satisfied customers into advocates for lead generation.”

Referral Program Strategies for Your Brand

Prompt: “My product/service is [your product/service]. Please help me implement Referral Program Strategies that incentivize my existing customer base in [your niche]. Outline the referral rewards, tracking, promotion, and how it will leverage word-of-mouth to generate new leads.”

7. Personalization & Custom Experiences

Customer Journey Mapping for Your Service

Prompt: “Create Customer Journey Mapping for [your product/service]. Identify touchpoints, emotions, barriers, and how crafting personalized paths will lead to higher conversions.”

Personalized Follow-Up Strategies

Prompt: “Design personalized Follow-Up Strategies for leads who have shown interest in [your product/service]. Detail the touchpoints, content, timing, and how it will warm up leads and move them down the funnel.”

Customizable Lead Magnets for Your Target Audience

Prompt: “My product/service is [product/service]. Create Customizable Lead Magnets that offer value to [your target audience]. Outline the content types, customization options, delivery methods, and how it will attract and capture leads.”

Content Personalization

Prompt: “Develop Content Personalization tactics that cater to individual needs for [your product/service]. Plan data collection, content variations, and how it will enhance lead conversion rates.”

8. Trust & Authenticity

Building Trust with Testimonials

Prompt: “Gather and showcase Testimonials to build trust for [your brand]. Outline collection methods, display design, integration with marketing, and how genuine endorsements will convince potential leads.”

User-Generated Content Strategy

Prompt: “My product/service is [product/service]. My target audience is [target audience. Please help me implement a User-Generated Content Strategy that encourages my brand community to share experiences. Define guidelines, incentives, and how this authentic content will resonate with prospects.”

9. Specialized Marketing Tactics

Location-Based Marketing

Prompt: “Leverage Location-Based Marketing to promote [your product/service]. Plan geo-targeted ads, local content, events, and how it will connect with leads in specific regions.”

I want to learn more about ChatGPT and AI

As people increasingly incorporate tools like ChatGPT into their lives, it becomes more and more important that we learn how to use these tools to stay competitive in life and business.

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