50 ChatGPT Prompts to Grow Your Business

Succeeding in business is tough. It’s going to get even harder if you don’t learn how to use AI.

Not only are you competing against incredibly motivated, intelligent people. You’re now competing against incredibly motivated, intelligent people that know how to use AI tools to do the work of a full team on their own.

If you don’t want to get left in the dust, your first mission is to master ChatGPT.

I want to use ChatGPT to grow my business…

When you start using ChatGPT, you won’t be able to stop. In this article, we’ll give you 50 entry-level prompts to help you grow your business.

We’ll be covering prompts in relation to each of the following areas (so skip to the bit you’re most interested in):

Social media and online marketingContent creationGrowth hacking and SEOSales and client relationshipBranding and product developmentSkills and learning

Pro tip: Bookmark this page and come back to it anytime you want AI assistance to complete your to-do list.

1. Social Media and Online Marketing

Create a social media content plan

For my [product/service] targeting [my target audience] on [my social media platform], create a 1-month social media content plan using the 5-3-2 Rule. Be sure to include a mix of posts that educate, entertain, and convert to ensure engagement and sales.

Grow your Twitter (now ‘X’ ) account with creative Tweet responses

Prompt: “Give me 20 [funny, authoritative, thoughtful] responses for the following tweet: [Copy paste tweet]. Make sure the responses are engaging and aligned with my brand voice.”

Choose the ideal social media scheduling tool

Prompt: “Compare the top 5 social media scheduling tools and output the results in a table with columns: name, price, features, supported platforms, pros, cons. In your analysis, consider the unique needs of my business such as content types, posting frequency, and budget.”

Craft a YouTube video script

Prompt: “Write a Youtube video script using the ABT framework for my [product/service] about the following [topic]. Ensure the script is engaging, easy to follow, and correctly conveys the main points of the topic.”

Create your influencer marketing strategy

Prompt: “For my [product/service], create a guideline for my influencer marketing strategy, using the 4Cs of Influencer Marketing (Content, Credibility, Clout, Cost-effectiveness). The strategy should detail potential influencers, types of collaborations, and a content schedule.”

Create a winning email campaign

Prompt: “Assist me in creating an email marketing campaign for my [product/service] using the Customer Value Journey framework. Please provide specific subject lines, email body copy, and CTAs for each stage of the customer journey.”

2. Content Creation

Craft a stunning infographic

Prompt: “Follow the VISUAL framework to create a guideline that will help me design an infographic for my [product/service]. Be sure to focus on clarity and the ability to convey complex information in an easy-to-understand manner.”

Generate eye-catching headlines

Prompt: “Create [#] headlines about [Insert Topic]. The headlines should be eye-catching, punchy, and memorable. Make sure they capture attention, spark curiosity and drive the reader to click and read more.”

Create a long-form blog post

Prompt: “Write an outline for a long-form blog post about [Insert Topic]. Consider SEO optimization, content structure and reader engagement while creating the outline.”

Summarize text in bullet points

Prompt: “Summarize this article into a bulleted list of the most important information: [paste article]. Ensure each bullet point captures the main idea of the section it represents and is concise.”

Get ChatGPT to write prompts for you

Prompt: “You are a ChatGPT prompt generator. Generate 10 unique prompts that will help me get [job or task] done. The prompts should be versatile and adaptable to a variety of contexts.”

Shatter writer’s block

Prompt: Turn the following bullet points into a paragraph of text. Use the following [tone] and mimic the writing style of [insert your favourite author]. Make the paragraph cohesive and ensure a smooth transition from one bullet point to the next.”

Polish your writing

Prompt: “Proofread the below text for spelling and grammar. Make the sentences clear and precise: [Paste Your Writing]. Don’t forget to check for punctuation errors, unnecessary jargon, and overly complex sentences.”

3. Growth Hacking and SEO

Boost organic traffic through SEO optimization

Prompt: “Provide a step-by-step guide to optimize my website’s SEO for [target keywords]. Be sure to include tips on keyword placement, improving website speed, and enhancing the user experience.”

Master lean startup marketing

Prompt: “Design a Lean Startup based marketing campaign for our [product/service] targeting [ideal customer persona]. Use the concepts of rapid experimentation, iteration, assumption validation and customer feedback for shaping a strategy. Remember to emphasize tactics for quickly learning and adapting based on customer response.”

Unleash continuous growth with a growth flywheel campaign

Prompt: “Craft a Growth Flywheel marketing campaign for our [product/service], covering customer acquisition, retention, engagement & insights. Detail tactics & metrics to measure success in this continuous growth loop. Also, include suggestions on how to create a self-perpetuating cycle that feeds upon its own success.”

Skyrocket success with the AARRR framework

Prompt: “Craft a detailed marketing campaign for our [product/service] using the AARRR framework. While you craft this, keep in mind how the Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue stages interconnect and influence one another.”

Accelerate growth with Sean Ellis’ growth hacking plan

Prompt: “Use Sean Ellis’ Growth Hacking framework outlining a step-by-step plan for finding, testing, and growing opportunities for our [product/service]. Include examples of successful implementation to better illustrate the process.”

4. Sales and Client Relationship

Practice handling objections

Prompt: “Role-play a scenario where a customer objects our product due to high price. You will act as the customer, I am the sales agent. Grade each response and tell me how I can do better. [Enter product details] Make sure to provide alternative dialogues for different potential customer reactions.”

Build relationships

Prompt: “Create a learning path for me to build better relationships with my clients. Incorporate not only direct communication tips but also ways to understand and meet their unique needs.”

Ask insightful questions in calls with clients

Prompt: “Provide 5 insightful questions you would ask during a sales discovery call. My product/service is: [Enter product details] Make sure the questions dive into the client’s specific problems and how our product/service can solve them.”

Hone your presentation skills

Prompt: “Prepare a five-minute pitch for our product, using the AIDA framework. [Enter product details] Remember to provide clear instructions on how to capture attention, inspire interest, create desire, and incite action.”

Following up

Prompt: “Outline the main components of a high-converting follow-up email after a sales call. Also, include how to personalize the email based on the conversation during the call.”

Craft personalized cold emails

Prompt: “Compose a personalized cold email for a potential client in the [industry] that highlights [our unique value proposition]. Include suggestions on how to research and understand the recipient’s needs and challenges before crafting the email.”

Craft an impactful sales script

Prompt: “[Give a brief description of your product or service]. Utilizing the Sandler Selling System, aid me in developing a persuasive sales script for my offering. Consider including hypothetical responses to common customer objections within the script.”

5. Branding and Product Development

Build a captivating brand story

Prompt: “Help me create a powerful brand story for my [product/service] using the Hero’s Journey framework, making sure to tailor the story in a way that resonates with my target audience’s needs and aspirations.”

Develop addictive campaigns using the Hooked model

Prompt: “Use Nir Eyal’s Hooked Model to craft a detailed marketing campaign for our [product/service].”

Understand your value proposition

Prompt: “Using the value proposition framework, detail how the top 5 features of our product benefit the user [Enter product details]. Include examples of real-world applications and how the product can solve specific problems for the users.”

Create a product launch strategy

Prompt: “[Insert a brief description of your product and target audience]. Guide me through developing a product launch strategy using the Product Launch Formula to generate interest and sales, incorporating elements of timing, pricing, promotion, and distribution strategy.”

Innovate and upgrade your product or service

Prompt: “Employing the Jobs-to-be-Done framework, assist me in recognizing areas for enhancement in my [product or service].”

Execute a winning product launch strategy

Prompt: “[Provide a brief description of your product and target audience]. Assist me in creating a product launch strategy employing the Product Launch Formula to generate excitement and sales, considering incorporating risk management strategies and potential contingency plans.”

6. Skills and Learning

Enhance your listening skills

Prompt: “Design a 1-week course curriculum to help me boost my listening skills. Incorporate well-known frameworks and additionally include interactive exercises to further improve my listening comprehension.”

Unlock your inherent creativity

Prompt: “Introduce me to creative exercises and techniques that will help me tap into my inner creativity and generate fresh ideas in [insert specific context]. Additionally, provide examples of how these techniques have been effectively used in similar contexts.”

Boost your memory recall capabilities

Prompt: “I am learning about [insert topic]. Provide me with a list of mnemonic devices or memory techniques to help me remember and recall important information related to this topic. If possible, give examples of how each technique could be applied to this specific topic.”

Foster ideation across any topic

Prompt: “Brainstorm 20 unique ideas for the following [topic]. To make this even more beneficial, categorize the ideas based on feasibility, innovation, and impact.”

Construct compelling cover letters that secure interviews

Prompt: “Create a compelling cover letter for the position of [job title] at [company name], showcasing my relevant experience and enthusiasm for the role. [Insert relevant experience]. Moreover, add powerful action verbs and highlight key achievements to make my application stand out.”

I want to learn more about ChatGPT and AI

As people increasingly incorporate ChatGPT into their lives, it becomes more and more important that we learn how to use these tools to stay competitive in life and business.

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