Best AI Finance Tools In 2023


DataRails is an FP&A platform that streamlines and automates data consolidation and reporting for financial planning and analysis. You may keep using your existing Excel spreadsheets and economic models because it was made with them in mind. DataRails may integrate with your existing systems, such as your ERP, CRM, and accounting software. It then compiles everything into one place for you to see how well your finances are doing at a glance. DataRails can be used as a budgeting tool. You can use it to see how your outcomes stack up against your projections and adjust accordingly. DataRails can be used to provide accurate predictions of future financial results. It allows you to model various effects and examine their economic consequences. Using DataRails, you can make reports that everyone can see and use. It can also be used to automate the reporting process expeditiously. DataRails offers many options for presenting information graphically. This facilitates sharing of financial information with relevant parties. 


Domo is a platform for data experience that improves business decision-making. Domo integrates with your existing systems, does real-time analysis, and provides the results in an approachable format. Domo supports integration with innumerable cloud and on-premises databases and SaaS programs. Domo’s reporting and exploration features make digging into your data and finding interesting patterns easy. Domo’s data visualization tools allow you to build and share charts, graphs, and dashboards easily. Domo’s actionable insights feature gives you the tools to act on your data through suggestions and notifications. Domo can help you access and evaluate your data rapidly, allowing you to work on it more efficiently. Domo’s data analysis capabilities will aid you in making more informed choices. Domo facilitates teamwork on data projects by exchanging information and ideas. Domo’s centralized platform can streamline your data management and analysis processes, saving you time and money.

Booke AI

Booke AI is an AI-powered accounting automation solution created to save accountants time and effort. Invoices, bills, and receipts can have their information extracted in real time using optical character recognition technology, and the system can automatically classify the transaction type. Booke AI also supports bidirectional interfaces with Xero, Quickbooks Online (QBO), and QBD, providing a streamlined connection to your preferred accounting software. The collaboration and client communication options offered by Booke AI are excellent. Users can quickly and easily manage large volumes of documents, find and fix inconsistencies, and create dynamic reports. The platform also offers a Chrome extension for Xero and QuickBooks, making it easier to tag transactions belonging to specific categories or label Uncategorized bank feed transactions that are unclear. With Booke AI, there is no need for unnecessary phone calls or emails thanks to the intuitive interface and effective communication options. The platform’s error detection technology guarantees pinpoint accuracy in accounting and makes it simple for users to track down and correct accounting mistakes.


The financial and legal database Rebank employs AI to classify deals by country and currency. It handles international transactions’ financial and tax requirements and guarantees they are met to the letter in every country. Rebank is a trustworthy transfer solution for businesses making international trade, in addition to its transaction sorting features. Rebank streamlines transferring assets, including cash, merchandise, and more, by automatically generating transfer agreements, loan agreements, and local tax documentation. Importantly, Rebank ensures that all of the documentation it generates complies with the relevant laws in each country, giving the transactions a firm legal footing.

Nanonets Flow

The Nanonets Flow platform is cutting-edge because it employs AI to simplify mundane financial operations. Taking care of tedious tasks automatically frees financial specialists to concentrate on strategic planning and company expansion. Nanonets Flow’s capacity to glean useful data from paper documents like invoices, receipts, and bank statements is powerful. To save time and prevent mistakes brought on by manual entry, it uses cutting-edge technology to acquire and organize financial data precisely. Nanonets Flow isn’t limited to simple text mining. It also interfaces easily with preexisting economic systems and accounting software, automates operations, and manages workflows. This comprehensive tool improves productivity, effectiveness, and financial outcomes for those in the banking industry.

Planful Predict

Planful Predict is a module within FP&A software designed for use by senior-level finance and business executives. It supplants labor-intensive manual processes like number-crunching and reporting to allow for quicker, more precise decision-making. Predict utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to integrate FP&A data and provide accurate performance and business-driving recommendations. Planful Predict: Signals helps businesses address financial weak spots, while Datarails FP&A Genius delivers dashboards and visualizations to accompany AI-generated responses. 


Accounting software platform Trullion uses artificial intelligence to streamline lease accounting, revenue recognition, and audit processes. It’s made to help accounting departments and auditors speed up their work, cut down on mistakes, and boost their level of compliance. Trullion can parse leasing agreements and other financial documents with the help of NLP. Automated lease classification, amortization, and reporting processes are made possible by the information gathered here. In addition, auditors can benefit from Trullion’s consolidated view of all financial data by quickly spotting any red flags that may require further investigation. Trullion’s suite of capabilities, including its automated workflows, is designed to make the lives of accounting staff and auditors easier. Trullion is an effective application that can facilitate efficiency gains, error reduction, and enhanced compliance for accounting teams and auditors. Any business negotiating leases or handling other intricate financial transactions needs this tool.

Time and energy are saved, and questions are answered quickly and accurately with the help of, an AI-assisted tax help tool. The service employs cutting-edge AI and a staff of tax professionals to power a chatbot interface that delivers instant, high-quality guidance at your fingertips. The service is free of charge and available to anyone who wants it, using artificial intelligence to provide answers to tax questions. Fast and accurate responses to tax questions are a specialty of, and the company claims a customer satisfaction record of above 100 percent. Customers can have their taxes reviewed by a professional for a minimal price, and the service is safe and secure thanks to cutting-edge encryption.

Stocknews AI

Stocknews AI is a news aggregator powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for investors and traders. To help its readers easily keep up with the newest stock news, it employs machine learning to find and highlight articles with the biggest potential influence on the markets. The software compiles content from various sources, such as TheStreet, Yahoo Finance, InvestorPlace, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Seeking Alpha, CNBC, and Mansion Global. The “Smarts” area includes stock forecasts from Doug Kass, while other parts are devoted to topics like the Dogs of the Dow, blue-chip stocks, water stocks, Reddit stocks, electric car stocks, and buy-now-pay-later stocks. Users can better make educated financial decisions with the assistance of Stocknews AI, which helps them keep up with the newest stock news.


Morphlin is an AI-powered platform that helps traders by giving them access to efficient loan methods, grid tactics, and real-time signal push notifications across all markets and exchanges. It provides a robust dashboard with clear data displayed in interactive charts, letting customers pick their path to passive income. Regardless of the state of the market, Morphlin enables traders to implement fully automated trading strategies and signals across all exchanges. The program is compatible with several trading approaches, including the Mumei Strategy, Crypto Explorer, and Bitfinex Lending. It provides useful statistics for each of them, including win rate and maximum drawdown (MDD). In addition to a referral program where community KOLs can earn greater commission rates for recommending the tool, Morphlin includes a study report function where researchers can voice their ideas. The global market optimization of the methods and the tool’s support for many messaging systems guarantee that traders always have access to the latest data.

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