If Slogans Were the Truth (According to ChatGPT)

Slogans are supposed to capture the heart and soul of a brand.

For most giant corporations, however, slogans don’t really tell you the full story. Rather, brands use slogans to market what they want you to think.

So, we asked ChatGPT to recreate the slogans for some of the most recognizable brands on Earth. This time, though, the slogans reveal some of the more controversial aspects of the brands (sometimes referred to as “the truth”).

Note: We have shared the prompt we used to create these slogans at the bottom of the article. We also share ChatGPT’s results so you can see some of its other hilarious satirical slogans.

McDonald’s: Fast food, faster heartbeats

Apple: Selling the same phone, only more expensive

Coca-Cola: Smile while you still can

Amazon: We’re the reason your postman is buff

Bud Light: Lowering beer expectations, one can at a time

Disney: Where every princess needs a prince, but never a proper job

Facebook: Where your aunt can share recipes and political opinions

Victoria’s Secret: The secret is Photoshop

Walmart: Come for the rollbacks, stay for the rifles

Did ChatGPT really make those slogans?

Yep. And here’s the proof… together with some other hilarious results from ChatGPT.

The prompt we used to generate the results

McDonald’s slogans

Apple slogans

Coca-cola slogans

Amazon slogans

Bud Light slogans

Disney slogans

Facebook slogans

Victoria’s Secret slogans

Walmart slogans

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