Make YouTube Shorts With AI

Making YouTube Shorts is a humongous opportunity for content creators. Let me hit you with some YouTube facts.

More than 2.3 billion people visit YouTube every month. Sorry, but how crazy is that?As TikTok and Instagram Reels continue to decimate our attention spans, more and more people are getting hooked on YouTube Shorts. Google reported that YouTube Shorts gets 50 billion daily views. Youtube has paid more than $30 billion or more to artists and content creators in the last three years.

As YouTube shifts its focus to Shorts, it will start rewarding creators more and more. There literally isn’t a better time to get started.

The best part? AI tools have made it incredibly easy to make YouTube Shorts. In this article, I’ll show you how.

What’s the opportunity here?

There are lots of YouTube pages cashing in on the YouTube Shorts gold rush.

Example 1: Facts Corridor

Facts Corridor is a YouTube channel that posts quick 30-60 second videos that share random facts about animals. People love it. They average between 15-50k views, and some videos are getting millions of views.

We can see on Social Blade (an analytics tool for YouTube) that Facts Corridor only started on September 1, 2022. In less than a year, their estimated monthly earnings are already between €2.4K – €37.9K.

Example 2: Fascinator

Fascinator makes YouTube Shorts about the dark side of history and politics, and regularly gets hundreds of thousands of views per video.

This channel started on Dec 5th, 2021 and is already raking in between €20.3K – €324.1K every year.

If you’re consistent, it doesn’t take long to see some huge rewards for creating engaging YouTube Shorts.

How do I make YouTube Shorts with AI?

AI tools like Fliki have made it super easy to make YouTube Shorts in a matter of minutes with no video editing skills.

Step 1: Go to Fliki

To make YouTube Shorts, we’re going to use Fliki. Fliki is a tool that uses AI to automatically generate videos based on just an idea.

Log in to FlikiClick ‘New file’ at the top of the screenGive the file a name, and ensure ‘Video’ is selected. Then click ‘Submit’

Step 2: Update the settings

Now, we need to update the settings so they are perfect for YouTube Shorts.

Click the settings button at the top of the pageUpdate the ‘Gap between the scenes’ to ‘0.2’Update the ‘Aspect ratio’ to ‘Portrait (9:16)’

Step 3: Chose the ‘Convert’ tool

Click the ‘Convert’ button at the top of the pageSelect ‘Idea to Video’Add a description of your idea. For the purposes of this example, let’s make a video about random elephant facts.Make sure ‘Short’ is selected to make the video around 1 minute.Select the style you want your video to be in. For this video, I will select ‘Explainer’.

Step 4: Generate the video

After including details about what you want the video to be, Fliki will generate a video made up of various scenes. Each scene will contain stock footage, audio and subtitles. Pretty crazy right?

Step 5: Make some final tweaks

The first draft is unlikely to be perfect. Now it’s your job to make some tweaks to take it to the next level.

Change the text to add your own personality or correct factual mistakes.Change the videos if they are not relevant to the scene. Fliki has a library of footage you can choose from.

Change the voiceover to the voice (or language) you like the most.

With the paid version, you can even upgrade the captions in the video.

Step 6: Download the video

After you’ve got the video just right, you can download it. Now, it’s ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

If you’re more of a visual learner, you can watch a video of this tutorial here.

I want to learn more about AI tools!

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