Meet Lilli: McKinsey’s Internal Generative AI Tool to Unleash Insights and Elevate Consulting Efficiency

The quest for efficient and effective knowledge dissemination has been an ongoing pursuit in the consulting realm. McKinsey, a trailblazer in the consulting industry, recognized the challenge of harnessing its vast reservoir of insights and sought ways to streamline the process. Despite having many experts, a treasure trove of documents, and a global network, the time-consuming nature of searching, synthesizing, and applying these resources remained a bottleneck. This obstacle hindered the firm’s ability to provide value to clients swiftly and limited its capacity to push problem-solving boundaries. Traditional research methods were time-intensive, especially for newcomers, and even seasoned professionals required substantial time investments for in-depth exploration and networking.

Various solutions have been attempted, from curated databases to sophisticated analytics tools. However, these approaches often presented limitations. While they might have improved certain aspects of knowledge retrieval, they failed to comprehensively address the multidimensional challenge of quickly accessing and utilizing the firm’s collective wisdom.

Enter “Lilli,” McKinsey’s innovative response to this problem. Lilli represents a generative AI platform that revolutionizes how the firm taps into its extensive knowledge reserves. This AI-powered solution offers a seamless and unbiased process for scouring McKinsey’s wealth of information, providing prompt access to its most valuable insights and expertise. It is a sophisticated tool for transforming the firm’s vast intellectual property into actionable strategies, ensuring that consultants spend more time applying insights than hunting them down.

Lilli’s impact has been measurable and transformative. The platform significantly reduces the time and effort required to kickstart engagements by automating the initial stages of project planning, from identifying pertinent research documents to pinpointing relevant experts. This efficiency not only benefits junior consultants but also empowers senior colleagues to devote their time to high-value tasks like problem-solving, coaching, and client interaction. Moreover, Lilli’s AI capabilities extend beyond mere document retrieval – it has evolved into a ‘thought-sparring partner’ for many, aiding in anticipating questions, refining arguments, and broadening perspectives.

Metrics illustrate the potency of Lilli. What once consumed weeks of research and networking now takes a fraction of the time. Notably, team members specializing in technology strategy attest to saving up to 20 percent of their preparation time for meetings while enhancing their contributions’ quality. The platform not only retrieves documents but also generates novel insights, as highlighted by one of the team members’ experiences in unearthing unexpected yet relevant examples for client inquiries. Lilli’s capabilities span two modes, enabling searches within McKinsey’s internal knowledge base as well as external sources, enhancing its versatility.

Lilli’s implementation wasn’t merely a technological feat; it required alignment across disciplines like legal, cybersecurity, risk management, and talent development. The platform’s journey, from a modest team of three to a consortium of over 70 experts, reflects the dedication to ensuring its success. With QuantumBlack’s expertise in GenAI, Lilli is poised for broad deployment across thousands of colleagues, reshaping the firm’s approach to knowledge utilization.

In sum, McKinsey’s Lilli stands as a testament to the potential of generative AI in propelling the consulting industry forward. By deftly addressing the challenges of knowledge acquisition and application, Lilli empowers consultants to unlock their creative potential and provide clients with unprecedented value. This innovation not only saves time but also catalyzes new ways of problem-solving and thinking, thus exemplifying how technology can amplify human expertise to create transformative results.

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