Relume: AI-Generated Wireframes and Sitemaps

Ask any entrepreneur what the biggest problem they face is when building a website. Their answer is likely to be one of the following three issues:

Building the website without being able to codeThinking about how it should be laid outMaking the website look good

Relume is an AI tool that solves all of these issues with one easy-to-use product. It is an AI-powered website builder, that can help you create a sitemap and wireframe with a single text prompt.

Don’t just take our word, the proof is in the pudding. Relume was able to create this entire website wireframe with a single prompt.

If you ever need to design a website, you’d be a fool not to use this AI tool.

What is a sitemap and wireframe?

A sitemap is essentially a roadmap to your website. It outlines the structure of your site, showing how different pages and sections link together.

Following the sitemap comes the wireframe – a bare-bones blueprint of your webpage. A wireframe is an architectural skeleton, a visual guide representing the page structure, and purposefully arranging site components without detailed design or features.

Making sitemaps and wireframes is a huge pain. It takes a serious amount of brainpower and decision-making to design the navigation. It can also take days, if not weeks, to get everything down on paper. Until Relume, this was a hugely time-consuming process.

Relume features

Relume has a number of awesome features that make it super easy for anyone to create a professional sitemap and wireframe without any coding skills.

AI-Powered Sitemap Generation: Quickly develop detailed, optimized sitemaps for websites using AI.
Content Generation: Enables automatic content generation for each section of the site based on the AI’s understanding of the context and goal of the page.
Rich Component Library: Access to over 1,000 components to build and design website pages.
Integrated Design Tools: Easy exportation of wireframes and layouts to popular design tools like Figma and Webflow.
Easy Collaboration: Share progress with clients in the form of view-only links.
Automatic Wireframe Generation: Streamlines the design process through AI-generated wireframes complete with pre-written copy and interchangeable components.
Easy Manipulation of Sitemaps: Intuitive UI allows easy editing of the sitemaps by dragging and dropping, deleting, or duplicating sections.
Exportation to Webflow: Enable you to export the wireframe directly into Webflow while maintaining the layout’s responsiveness across all devices.
Exportation to Figma: Allows you to further tweak and refine the design in Figma.

I’ve got to see this for myself

If you want to see this tool with your own eyes, make sure you check out this video introduction to Relume.

Nothing beats trying it for yourself. If you have a website idea, head over to Relume right now and try it for yourself. It’s free to test out your idea, and there’s a 7 day free trial if you’re serious about building a website using no-code tools.

I want to learn more about AI

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