Runway AI: What Is Gen-2 and How Can I Use It?

Runway AI is creating AI software that promises to revolutionize the way we think about video creation. Runway’s Gen-2 allows anyone to create full videos just from text descriptions.

Re-read that last sentence, and think about it for a second. Describe a scene (“a man riding a bear into battle”), and this tool will create a video of it for you on the spot.

While the technology is in its infancy, it’s hard to see a world where this doesn’t massively disrupt the video and film industries.

Here’s everything you need to know about Runway AI.

What is Runway AI?

Runway is a creative suite of tools that allow video editors to harness the power of AI. It has a number of impressive tools, including:

Green screen tools: Remove the background from any video.Erase and replace: Select any part of a video (let’s say a ball being thrown around in a game of catch), and ask Runway to replace it with another item.Infinite image: Generate and expand an image outside of its original canvas using AI.

These AI tools are game-changers for video editors. It allows a complete beginner to perform advanced video editing techniques in mere seconds.

But Runway AI isn’t stopping there. It’s taking video editing to a whole other level with its Gen-1 and Gen-2 upgrades.

What is Runway Gen-1?

Runway Gen-1 enables creators to generate videos using data from existing videos. It allows you to apply a new composition and style (from text or an image) to one of your videos.

Let’s say you record yourself walking into a room with your phone camera. Simply tell Runway to make that video look like you are a cowboy walking into a saloon, and boom – you’re Clint Eastwood.

What is Runway Gen-2?

This is a whole other ball game of video generation technology. Runway Gen-2 allows anyone to create full videos solely based on text descriptions.

The introduction of these technologies has the potential to completely change the video and film industries forever. While the generated videos are not quite photorealistic, the rapid progress in AI technology suggests that it won’t be long before these models can produce high-quality, realistic videos. And when that happens, anyone can bring their vision to life without being constrained by budget.

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