Top 10 AI Chrome Extensions for Data Scientists (2023)

Grammarly GO

Insightful jottings. You can count on it to give you high-quality to-do lists, notes, recommendations, and drafts since it considers your context, preferences, and goals. Having the mental and organizational skills to keep up with today’s fast-paced environment is more crucial than ever. To aid you in this endeavor, we present Grammarly GO. This note-taking addon is smart since it considers your situation, personal preferences, and desired outcomes to provide useful lists, notes, suggestions, and drafts. Whether you’re attempting to organize your thoughts for a big project, jot down some quick ideas, or keep track of the little things you need to do each day, Grammarly GO can help. The contextually appropriate ideas it offers can help you organize your thoughts, polish your work, and get more done in less time. Therefore, this application is a great companion for students, professionals, authors, and anyone trying to organize their thoughts and duties properly. It goes beyond typical note-taking apps by using AI to offer individualized support.

Sider Chrome Extension

Excellent for dealing with text. The software can explain, translate, summarize, or rewrite Any piece of writing. The processing of text is an everyday occurrence in many industries, from commerce to technology. Sider is a program that can aid with and facilitate this process. The software can explain, translate, summarize, or rewrite Any piece of writing. Anyone who spends much time focusing on text could benefit from this adaptable addon. Sider can be used in various contexts, from helping students decipher academic prose to assisting authors to condense lengthy articles or translate foreign writing to helping professionals rewrite documents in more sophisticated or simplified language. Access to technology that can process text in many ways can help you save time, get insight, and provide better results. Whether you have a single document or a large collection, Sider can help you organize and process them with minimal effort.

SciSpace Copilot

This tool may clarify any data presented in a scientific study, be it a table, a graphic, or anything else. Having a tool that can help comprehend complicated data is vital in the convoluted realm of scientific study. To that end, SciSpace Copilot has been developed to comprehensively explain all the data in scientific articles, including tables, charts, and graphs. SciSpace Copilot is a helpful tool for anyone interested in space, whether scientists, students, or just curious laypeople. It deciphers the dense jargon and visual data in scientific papers to provide clear explanations. You may streamline your research using this addon while spending much less time and effort deciphering difficult scientific content.

Data Scraper

A program that can automatically read any webpage, gather relevant information, and export the results to a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet. In today’s digital age, gold is frequently buried in mountains of data. It can be difficult and time-consuming to extract this data by hand. Here, Data Scraper becomes useful. This program is an automatic parser that can quickly and accurately assess any page to determine what information is of value and then extract it. These operations are completed rapidly, and the retrieved data can be saved in common spreadsheet formats like CSV or Excel for later use. This capability facilitates straightforward incorporation with a wide range of methods and programs for data analysis.

Originality.AI Chrome Extension

One of the best services available today can determine whether or not a human or a neural network wrote a given piece of text. It’s getting harder to detect the difference between human-generated content and that written by AI as it generates more and more text that sounds and reads like human writing. Originality.AI is a method for solving this issue. One of the best of its kind, this service can determine if a person or a neural network created a given chunk of text. What Originality can it be used for. The applications of AI are numerous, ranging from preventing academic fraud to content control and verification.

Fireflies Chrome Extension

A web-based assistant based on GPT-4 that can watch videos on YouTube, read emails, and summarize documents. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sift through and synthesize information from disparate sources as the volume of digital content grows. The Fireflies helper, built on the GPT-4 platform, answers this problem. In addition to summarizing articles, YouTube videos, emails, and documents, this application can also browse the web. Fireflies’ cutting-edge AI means it can distill data into easily consumable summaries that get right to the point. Fireflies is a time-saving tool anyone can use, whether you’re a research student, a professional keeping up with industry trends, or just someone who appreciates learning from various web sources.

Code Squire.AI

This code helper has been educated to perform data science operations. It’s particularly well-suited to use with Pandas and associated libraries and compatible with a wide range of development and collaboration tools. Data scientists benefit greatly from having an assistant that can help them with tedious coding jobs. Code Squire.AI was developed as a means to achieve this end. This code helper, trained for data science jobs, performs particularly well with widely used libraries like Pandas and is compatible with several development environments. Code Squire.AI helps programmers save time, avoid mistakes, and produce higher-quality code.


Able to use machine learning techniques based on virtually any article by combining data from Google, ArXiv, and other sources. Machine learning methods derived from scholarly literature can take time to implement. CatalyzeX is the answer to this problem. Drawing on Google Search, ArXiv, and other sources, this program can generate code to perform machine learning algorithms described in virtually any article. This makes it easier to put one’s theoretical knowledge into practice. CatalyzeX can simplify and streamline the machine learning process for everyone, from seasoned engineers to students wanting to put their knowledge into practice. CatalyzeX promotes a more seamless integration of machine learning concepts into actual applications by bridging the gap between theoretical research and implementation. Everyone involved in or interested in machine learning would benefit greatly from using this resource.

AIPRM Chrome Extension

All IT workers and data scientists will benefit from this organized set of GPT questions. Having well-organized prompts is a huge help when dealing with Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPT). Data scientists and other IT professionals can find a large collection of suitable questions in the AIPRM. These questions span numerous use cases and situations, allowing you to fine-tune the GPT’s responses to your exact requirements. AIPRM can help you train your model for a certain activity, create a chatbot, or generate text by giving it the appropriate following cues.


Examine and enhance the code. It works with more than 20 languages and can make your apps faster. Efficient code writing is a must in the world of computer programming. Codeium is a program created to help with this particular facet of programming. More than 20 languages are supported by this code analysis and optimization tool. Codeium can help you greatly enhance the efficiency of your programs by analyzing your code and offering optimizations. Codeium may be a great help in creating a sophisticated program or writing scripts to analyze data. The information it provides can help developers create code that runs faster, uses fewer resources, and is generally more effective. All levels of programmers can use this resource to improve their coding skills and produce better results with less effort. The productivity and efficiency of your coding endeavors can be greatly enhanced by installing the Codeium addon.

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