Top 8 AI Photo Mixers in 2023


Fotor’s newly released online photo blender provides a solution for users aiming to artistically blend two images seamlessly. Ideal for enhancing social media content, this tool creates layered images, akin to the effects produced by professional software platforms like Photoshop, without requiring in-depth technical skills. The photo blender is designed with a user-friendly interface to streamline the blending process, enabling users to create dreamlike images with efficiency. Whether you’re aiming to elevate your online presence or express your unique visual style, Fotor’s image blending tool offers a simple, yet powerful solution to transform your photos from conventional to avant-garde.

Photo Mixer – Photo Blender

Auto Photo Mixer – Photo Blender & Photo Editor is a high-quality, easy-to-use photo editing application designed to help you create stunning photo collages. Leveraging an automatic cut photo feature, this app enables you to seamlessly blend your ordinary photos into extraordinary collages, transforming your memories into works of art.

In addition to blending, Auto Photo Mixer – Photo Blender & Photo Editor offers a variety of editing tools to further enhance your photos. You can add a personal touch to your creations with customizable text, an array of stickers, and versatile overlays.

Whether you’re a seasoned photo editor or a beginner looking to experiment, this app is the perfect tool to make your photos stand out. Fall in love with photo editing and collage making with Auto Photo Mixer – Photo Blender & Photo Editor.

AI Image Mixer: Blend Picture

AI Image Mixer: Blend Picture – Revolutionize your photo editing process with our newly launched AI Image Mixer, a sophisticated photo blending tool that effortlessly fuses two separate images into a single, unique composition. Harnessing the power of advanced AI technology, this software empowers you to create seamlessly blended images with just a few clicks. Prioritizing user-friendliness, the application’s interface is intuitively designed, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free editing experience. Share your blended creations directly from the app onto various social media platforms, fostering an environment of creativity and peer interaction. Enjoy unrestricted access to the full spectrum of features with our flexible subscription model priced at $4.99 per week – with the freedom to cancel anytime. The AI Image Mixer: Blend Picture is your key to unlocking limitless photo editing possibilities.

Image Mixer

Image Mixer is a unique image integration tool that’s powered by the Stable Diffusion model. This innovative tool allows users to merge up to five images into one, offering a distinct yet harmonized blend.

Features and functionalities include:

Input Variety: Users have the flexibility to input between 1 to 5 images. Sources can be direct image uploads, text prompts, or URLs of image files.

Image Preparation: The tool automatically centers and crops all images for optimal integration, ensuring a perfect blend.

Strength Parameter: Every input image has an adjustable strength parameter. This allows users to control how much each image influences the final result.

Text Limitation: While the model can handle text prompts, it does not interpret complex text. It’s advisable to always include at least one image or image URL for effective blending.

Adjustment Tools: Users are familiar with tools from the Stable Diffusion model like cfg scale. By experimenting with the strength settings, users can achieve their desired outcomes.

Output Resolution: The standard resolution of the final merged image is 640×640 pixels. This makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including web applications and digital marketing.

Local Usage: Those interested in conducting operations locally can refer to the Model Card for detailed instructions.

Whether you’re a designer seeking to create stunning images or a business wanting to make your visuals stand out, the Image Mixer tool is the perfect solution for combining images with precision and control.


Immerse yourself in the world of photo manipulation and digital artistry with the recently released Midjourney v4. This state-of-the-art software has significantly upgraded its functionality, allowing users to blend photos together seamlessly and effortlessly.

In its earlier versions, Midjourney offered a similar feature, but v4 takes it a step further. Harnessing an advanced algorithm, the latest version empowers users with an expanded range of possibilities for experimentation. This powerful tool lets users fuse two images together, producing a harmonious blend that enhances elements from both source pictures.

Create unique, stunning art pieces with this fusion capability. The result? A beautifully amalgamated image that encapsulates the best of both worlds. Whether you’re enhancing your vacation snapshots, creating fantastical landscapes, or designing eye-catching graphics, Midjourney v4 can help your vision come to life.

This upgraded blending function is not just an artists’ paradise; it also serves graphic designers seeking novel ways to create impressive designs and enthusiasts looking for innovative tools to present and visualize imagery. Experience the cutting-edge blending of Midjourney v4 and let your creativity fly!


Artbreeder proudly introduces the newest feature to their platform: the Mixer. Leveraging the power of neural networks, the Mixer allows users to seamlessly blend images, offering an unrivaled level of creativity and efficiency in digital image editing. This groundbreaking addition ensures a smooth and interactive user experience, as images combined using the Mixer can be quickly and effectively edited, providing unprecedented flexibility in image manipulation. The integration of neural network technology underlines Artbreeder’s commitment to adopting advanced technologies to push the limits of digital image editing. Experience the innovative Mixer feature now on the Artbreeder platform, and discover a new frontier in image editing.


An innovative approach to video editing driven by text. By harnessing the potential of text-to-image diffusion models and ControlNet, ControlVideo strives to improve the quality and temporal coherence of videos corresponding to specific texts, while maintaining the source video’s structure intact. The achievement of this objective is facilitated through the integration of extra conditions like edge maps and the careful strategy design for fine-tuning the key-frame and temporal attention on the source video-text pair.


LEDITS is a novel and efficient method for real-image editing that combines the Edit Friendly DDPM inversion technique with Semantic Guidance. By integrating Semantic Guidance into real image editing and leveraging the powerful editing capabilities of DDPM inversion, LEDITS enables a wide range of versatile edits, including subtle and extensive modifications in composition and style. Remarkably, this approach achieves these edits without the need for extra training, optimization, or architectural extensions.

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