Top Predictive Analytics Tools For Sales and Marketing (2023)

As applied to marketing, predictive analytics involves looking at historical and current data to foretell future results. This method combines advanced analytics and statistical methods to foresee marketing performance, optimal configurations, and receptive subsets of customers.

Remembering that predictive analytics tools are more like probabilistic hunches than definite predictions is vital.


Pecan AI automates predictive analytics to solve today’s business challenges: shrinking budgets, rising costs, and limited data science and AI resources. Pecan’s low-code predictive modeling platform provides AI-driven predictive analytics that guides data-driven decisions and helps business teams achieve their goals.

With an intuitive, low-code interface, analysts set up accurate models in weeks without data scientists. The platform enables easy implementation of predictive models, including customer churn, conversion, LTV, upsell/cross-sell prediction, demand forecasting, marketing mix modeling, and more. The platform automates data prep, feature engineering, model building, deployment, and model monitoring.

Unlike general-purpose platforms, Pecan provides actionable predictions tailored to specific business concerns. Individual-level predictions offer granular insights and integrate with popular BI interfaces and business systems. Learn more and sign up for a free trial or guided tour at


Revenue data platform Improvado helps marketers connect data from numerous sources in real-time and generate automated reports and dashboards. The software takes data from over 500 sources (CRMs, ad servers, email systems, and more), translates it into readable formats, and loads it onto your choice data warehouse or visualization tool. By integrating all your marketing data in one place, you can see how leads behave at each conversion stage and make data-driven predictions about the most likely outcomes of your marketing initiatives. Company Professional Services can expand data use cases and boost marketing success.


Domo lets company executives integrate data from numerous sources and create app-led workflows for business difficulties. Data integration, Power BI, and data apps allow teams across departments to use data efficiently. Its analytics feature lets you build real-time dashboards to examine events and anticipate outcomes. C-suite executives seeking a platform to develop executive dashboards and utilize them across the company might consider Domo. Domo analyzes business data, not marketing data. This makes the program capable of company-wide business intelligence and executive dashboards.


Sisense is an embedded analytics platform that uses AI-driven insights to help businesses improve performance. The platform provides a solid framework for linking, analyzing, and exploring high-quality business information. It uses machine learning to analyze both new and old data and provide consumers with forecasts of future events. Sisense’s tools cater to C-level professionals in customer care, human resources, information technology, marketing, and accounting. Users who desire an all-encompassing view of their business data and the ability to build visualizations with little to no technical support would benefit most from this platform.


The Looker Business Intelligence (BI) Platform and Big Data Analytics Software allow businesses to discover, analyze, and share their data instantly. Users can combine workflows, create embedded analytics apps, and deliver real-time dashboards for in-depth research, all with the platform’s help. Teams in nearly every section of an organization can benefit from Looker’s BI and predictive analytics features. It’s great for organizations who need a simple tool with lots of useful information presented visually.


APIs, security, governance, and compliance are just some of the features that make Tableau the complete data and analytics platform it is. The company claims that through standardizing and standardizing integration, access, and monitoring, Tableau inspires trust and confidence. The platform comprises numerous subcomponents: data preparation services, CRM analytics, server management, and embedded analytics.


Dataiku is a consolidated data platform for company executives and analysts to develop trustworthy predictive models from raw data. The predictive analytics platform uses machine learning and AI to forecast the results of a company’s choices. Dataiku is a comprehensive data science platform made to accommodate developers, business analysts, and corporate executives. It’s made for groups that want to provide “big data” analytics utilizing cutting-edge tools.


Alteryx is an analytics platform that helps businesses find previously hidden insights and make accurate forecasts through fully automated analytics, machine learning, and data science procedures. Leaders in an organization may get a bird’s-eye view of performance, make accurate predictions, and coordinate their goals thanks to the platform’s unified mechanism for aggregating data from various platforms. Alteryx serves a diverse clientele in business sectors such as accounting, human resources, information technology, supply chain, marketing, and sales.


In its own words, Emcien provides “predictive analytics for the real world.” The platform employs machine learning to automatically detect the intricate relationships between different types of business data and to construct predictive models that can then be used to forecast outcomes and provide actionable advice. Emcien is for anyone who needs to evaluate large amounts of data quickly. This group comprises data professionals and business people from various sectors.

Marketing Evolution

MEVO, or Marketing Evolution, is a platform for marketing analytics that allows businesses to combine data from many sources, monitor results, and plan for the future. MEVO is an AI and machine learning-powered all-in-one platform for measuring, testing, and predictive analytics in omnichannel marketing. Marketers at agencies and corporations can make the most of their advertising dollars and strengthen their brands with the help of MEVO.


The Clari revenue platform is built to optimize productivity, predictability, and expansion throughout the entire revenue cycle. With Clari, sales teams can see the whole picture, which improves process rigor, buyer and seller alignment, risk and opportunity identification in the pipeline, forecast precision, and operational efficiency. Companies like Okta, Adobe, Workday, Zoom, and Finastra have revenue professionals using Clari to improve their revenue processes’ connectivity, efficiency, and predictability.

Mediafly Intelligence360

Mediafly Intelligence360, built on the foundation of InsightSquared Tiles, is a sales analytics platform that equips sales leaders with the information they need to boost performance and complete more deals. The manufacturer claims that this suite of reports gives sales managers instant access to the data they need to track results, pinpoint problem areas, and design effective solutions supported by targeted coaching. The seller further states that their platform helps organizations make better decisions by giving them a single view of their financials, sales, and marketing information.


By connecting to an organization’s existing ERP system and pulling important data, sales-i serves as a sales enablement platform for product-based organizations. The next step is integrating preexisting data and making it usable by salespeople. Since sales-i is a SaaS, it can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device. The manufacturer claims that sales-i may be used as a “cheat sheet” to quickly and easily formulate an effective sales strategy by analyzing multiple data sources and displaying the most relevant information to the user. Insights on the user’s business and sales activity are provided, illuminating the ins and outs of the sales process.


Zilliant’s artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced SaaS solutions are designed to increase revenue throughout a business’s engagement with a client. The most dependable, predictable, and effective strategy for B2B organizations to increase sales and improve margins is to increase the economic worth of existing clients. The Zilliant IQ platform seeks to continuously identify the unrealized financial potential in every one of an organization’s preexisting B2B customer relationships and then to integrate its prescriptive intelligence into the organization’s preexisting field sales workflows, CRM applications, and eCommerce channels to maximize the value of every interaction with the customer. Zilliant’s goal is to become the go-to AI technology partner for B2B companies worldwide by facilitating rapid deployment cycles at a reasonable total cost of ownership.

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