Write a High Converting Landing Page With ChatGPT

I just researched and analyzed over 100 of the most successful landing pages on the internet so you don’t have to.

I took the key lessons and principles from each of these landing pages to create a ChatGPT prompt that will spit out the perfect landing page that converts like a motherf*****.

In this article, we’ll break down what makes a good landing page. I’ll also share the ChatGPT prompt with you so you can apply these principles directly to your own product and services.

What is a landing page?

A landing page has one job: convert readers into buyers. That’s it.

If someone is looking at your landing page, you already have their attention. Maybe they found you through social media or an ad. Now, it’s your mission to convince them to take the leap of faith and buy your product or service.

What makes a good landing page?

The more landing pages you read, the more you start to notice a pattern. Even billion-dollar companies like Apple follow a very specific framework.

If you can follow this proven framework, your landing page is guaranteed to convert like crazy. Here’s the secret sauce:

Headline: Every landing page has a snappy headline that summarizes the key messaging of the brand in just a few words (7 words max). Most of the time, this messaging matches the key messaging in the brand’s ads and commercials.

Text under the headline: This complements the headline with more detail about the product’s key selling point or a special offer.

Features (described as a benefit): Readers don’t care that your bike seat has “dense foam padding with a resilient synthetic cover”. They want to know that their ass won’t hurt even after hours of riding. You need to sell the benefits of your product, not its features.

Data points: Back up your bold statements with facts and figures. Help people make their purchasing decision by giving them the data they need.

Social proof / testimonials: People need more than your promises. They need proof that your products and services consistently deliver. There’s nothing more convincing than reviews, case studies, testimonials or user-generated content (UGC). 

Simplicity: When in doubt, make it simple. People are short on time and even shorter on attention span. Make your point, and make it quickly. A strong Call to Action (CTA): Finally, you need to tell your prospective customer exactly what you want they should do. CTA’s are the foundation of all good copywriting.

Use ChatGPT to write your landing page

If only there was a powerful AI tool that would let you apply these powerful landing page principles directly to your product and services… Oh wait, there is. It’s called ChatGPT and here’s a template prompt you can copy and paste to create high-converting landing pages.

I want you to help me create a landing page for my product/service.

My product/service is [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. My target audience is [TARGET AUDIENCE]. The key features of my product/service are:
1. [FEATURE 1]
2. [FEATURE 2]
3. [FEATURE 3]

[One key stat or figure that demonstrates my product/service is: [STAT/DATA POINT]. Please incorporate this into the landing page.]

My landing page should be structured as follows:

1. Headline: A snappy headline that captures the main benefit and selling point of my product/service. It should be no longer than 7 words. The headline should follow one of the 4 ‘U’s: – Urgency: It encourages the reader to click and open right away – Unique: It is unique, quirky, or interesting in a way that will get the reader’s attention – Ultra-specific: Use specific language (dates / numbers) – Be useful: Offer a mouthwatering benefit directly in the headline. Each headline idea should follow at least one of these 4 ‘U’s.

2. Text under the headline: Text that supports the headline, and neatly (and quickly) summarizes the key benefits of this product (no longer than 20 words).

3. Features (in the form of benefits): Describe the key features of my product/ services but describe them in a way that the reader understands the benefit of this feature. Use the PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) copywriting formula to describe each feature.

4. Call to action: The CTA should: 1. Be direct and use active language (it should be short, simple, commanding, and strong). 2. Be interesting (offer something that solves a problem). 3. Use power words (like new, discover, act now). 4. Hint at urgency (use words like ‘don’t miss out, sign up before midnight, buy now to get free postage etc.).

How to use the prompt (an example)

The idea is to fill in each of the sections in square brackets [LIKE THIS] with information about your product and service.

For example, let’s fill in this section: “My product/service is [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. My target audience is [TARGET AUDIENCE].”

Using your information, it might look something like this: “My product/service is an online language learning platform. My target audience is students, working professionals, and travelers who wish to learn a new language effectively and flexibly.”

Here’s a screenshot of an example prompt in action, together with ChatGPT’s impressive response.

Example prompt

Example ChatGPT response

One final touch: social proof

Now you have a beautifully crafted landing page, there’s only one thing left to add: social proof. This may come in the form of reviews, case studies, testimonials or user-generated content (UGC).

Add these to your landing page and you have all the ingredients for a landing page that converts like crazy.

Landing page inspiration

If you’re a visual learner and want to see some world-class landing pages for yourself, we’ve got you covered:

1. Gong

2. Rover

3. Canva

4. Spotify

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